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Abandoned Vehicle Seeclickfix

  • Be prepared to provide the vehicle's location
  • Describe the vehicle

Culvert and Roadside Ditches  Seeclickfix

Per Town Ordinance, culverts and bar ditches located within an easement are generally the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Health and Sanitation - See click Fix-

Water and Sewer concerns should be directed to Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority. 

Overgrown Vegetation - See click Fix-

Property owners are responsible for vegetation and trees along roadsides. 

Private Property concerns- See click Fix-

No due date Solid Waste (1)

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  • Report a missed pick-up or other concerns.

Animal control Vehicle Seeclickfix

The Town of Shady Shores is serviced by Hickory Creek Animal Services.

Non-Emergency Service calls should be directed to 940-349-1500 option 9, option 9

Emergencies call 911!

Lake Cities Fire Department

The Lake Cities Fire Department services the town of Shady Shores.

Emergencies call 911

Active burning call 940-349-1500 option 9, option 9

Illegal Dumping Trash and Debris - See click Fix-

Parking- See click Fix-

Parking concerns after business hours should be referred to the Corinth PD non-emergency number 940-349-1600, option 9, option 9.

STR concerns - See click Fix-

USACE Property

Business Regulations Seeclickfix

Peddlers and Solicitors are required to have a permit within the Town. Please consider calling non-emergency services at 940-349-1500 option 9, option 9. 

Emergencies dial 911!

Operating a business out of a home.

Short Term Rental Complaints

Green Spaces and Trails - See click Fix-

Concerns regarding public greenspaces and property.

Pubic Nuisance - See click Fix-

Pool and Spa concerns - See click Fix-

Street Signs - See click Fix-


Other- if your concern does not fit into a category listed.