Mayor's Office


The Mayor is responsible for overseeing departments and executing policies, including:

  • Assuring that all Town services are delivered to the citizens of Shady Shores in an effective, efficient, and equitable manner and in compliance with Town Council policy
  • Overseeing long-range planning and improvement of departmental management and service delivery
  • Serving as a catalyst for developing community-wide goals and mobilizing the resources to attain them
  • Serving as the primary outreach arm of the Town government to other cities and other government entities

Mayor's Musings- Noteworthy announcements for our lakeside community

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Fall has come to Shady Shores and with it some much needed Rain!

How much do you know about your Denton County Government and your County Commissioner?  We have a special event happening in December to meet and greet your County Commissioner Kevin Falconer.

Commissioner Kevin Falconer  will be at Town Hall during the Town Council Work session on December 11, 2023, at 6 pm.   This is your opportunity to learn more about Denton County, its activities and how they work with our Town.   

One area that the Town and the County are working together is on road projects.  The Town has 4 major road projects that are  have been approved through the County bond project and are currently in the planning stages with the County and sister municipalities.  The County roads bond package (Trip 2022),  approved by the voters last year is providing some amount of funding for each of the 4 projects at varying levels for each project.  

Please join us at this meet and greet and have a cookie and coffee/water with us on December 11, 2023, at 6 pm!

November Council Meeting highlights:

  • Approval of the quarterly investment committee report.  The quarterly investment committee meeting is usually just prior to the town council work session on the first Monday.
  • Roads and drainage updates –the pre-construction meeting for the Shahan Road and drainage improvements was completed.  Scheduled start dates will be communicated shortly.  Oberman lane construction has started.
  • Approval of a new building inspector based on the bids received for the RFP.  Bidding out Town services is one the of the strategic plan initiatives. (Goal 6)
  • Approval of an ordinance regulating driveways and the required manner to connect to a roadway or garage/carport.
  • Approval of a contract for two private residents to make improvements to the road in front of their homes.

See the town calendar for a list of upcoming events! 

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