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Request for Public Records

  1. Please describe the public records you wish to recieve. In order to expidite the search for the records, please be as specific as possible.
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    In accordance with the Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, the Town of Shady Shores makes all of its public records available to citizens. The Public Information Act does not require governmental bodies to create new information, perform legal research, or to answer questions. The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The Town of Shady Shores will not comply with a standing request for information to be collected or prepared in the future. The Town of Shady Shores will respond within ten business days to information requests. The Town of Shady Shores may collect a fee as prescribed by law or regulation for the requested documents. If a fee is not prescribed by law or regulation, the fee shall be the actual cost of duplicating the record. For more information on the Texas Public Information Act, please visit the Texas Attorney General website.
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