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Press Release August 12, 2022 

The Lake Cities communities of Hickory Creek, Shady Shores and Corinth approved an agreement with Pavlov Media for the construction of a dark fiber ring. Using American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding the cities designed a multi-jurisdictional fiber optic network to improve government network infrastructure. The infrastructure will allow Pavlov Media, a private ISP to offer a middle- and last-mile network to residential services with speeds of 1 gig to every home in the Lake Cities. Construction of the dark fiber ring will begin September 1st with the first neighborhoods having service as early as January 2023.  


Establishing high-speed, accessible fiber networks has been a priority for the Lake Cities for many years. In 2020, the Lake Cities Broadband Committee was comprised of members from the communities, to ensure all citizens have sufficient broadband infrastructure and that no local citizen be left behind.


“We are pleased to be working with such a capable and promising partner,” says Ian Theodore, Chairman of the Lake Cities Broadband Committee. “The key to the success of this project was regional cooperation. Given the relatively small size of each of the communities, it is reasonable to assume that this project might never have gotten off the ground, should each city have gone it alone. By pooling resources and coordinating efforts, the cities were able to attract a larger and more capable private firm to help address problems that the residents are experiencing.”


Pavlov Media is anticipated to complete the project within three years. Construction will begin immediately on the dark fiber ring connecting the government facilities, and alongside this project, develop the infrastructure to provide the residential and business services.


Pavlov Media provides Internet, video, phone and software solutions to apartments, homes, businesses, and communities in 44 states and Canada. Pavlov Media specializes in networks designed, constructed, and operated by a team of dedicated professionals. They’ve built a powerful, robust, and reliable network. They are continuously finding new ways to achieve the mission of bringing customers Simply Exceptional Connections™ nationwide.

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Press Release January 26, 2022

Lake Cities Town Councils Agree to Pursue an Agreement with Pavlov to construct a Fiber Ring around the Lake Cities.

Access to High-Speed Broadband services has been a concern for Lake Cities’ Residents for many years. At a Joint Council meeting held on January 26th, 2022, the Lake Cities Technology committee presented recommendations based on the reports from consulting teams that would work toward bringing dedicated broadband service to our area. All four councils authorized their City Managers and staff to negotiate the agreement with the recommended ISP, including a franchise agreement for the broadband services. The service provider, Pavlov Media, based in Champaign, Illinois, would construct a dark fiber ring that would connect the Lake Cities Government facilities. As the fiber ring is constructed Pavlov Media will build and offer residential service with speeds of 1 gig to every home in the Lake Cities.

Construction of the fiber ring is to be funded through the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds that each of the four Lake Cites has received. Negotiation of the contract will be the first step in the process. Upon final negotiations of the contract, each of the Lake Cities Councils will approve the final agreement. The project is anticipated to be complete within three years.

Scope of the Project 

The Lake Cities Technology Committee is comprised of local community leaders from various sectors with a common mission of enhancing and expanding broadband access, adoption and use throughout the region for the benefit of residents and businesses.  To that end, the Committee has partnered with Connected Nation Texas and their “Connected Community” program to assess the present state of broadband in the Town of Shady Shores and establish a broadband planning process and plan to address our current and future broadband needs.

 The Survey has been completed and the preliminary results are available below.  You may also view the interactive Map to view service lines and availability throughout the Lake Cities.

Field Validation Mapping and Analysis2 months (July 2020- September 2020)
Demand Survey2 months (September 2020-October 2020)
Strategic Planning3-4 Months (November 2020- February 2020)

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