Lake Cities Focus

Lake Cities Focus is a nonprofit organization created from the desire of the community members from Shady Shores, Corinth, Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek to strengthen families.

The mission of Lake Cities Focus is to strengthen families through communication, activities, and education in the midst of pandemics, stress, and other uncertainties.

Healthy. Encouraged. Supported. Safe. Loved. Heard

HealthyStudents are not only physically healthy but emotionally healthy as well.
EncouragedStudents receive not only encouragement from within their own families but through every relationship they have with adults and peers in their community.
SupportedStudents and their families know where they can go for help. If students see their peers struggling, students will know that they can say something and take appropriate actions.

SafeStudents are physically safe from harm and abuse. Students have safe places to express their feelings, hurts, joys, and successes. Students feel safe in connecting with other people and leaders in their community.
LovedStudents have healthy feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness with adults in their lives. Adult family members and community leaders are committed to ensuring that students have the best quality of life possible.

HeardStudents feel comfortable enough to express their feelings and opinions without being brushed off or invalidated. Students know things may not be fixed right away, but someone will take the time to listen and hear them out. Community leaders, including teachers, coaches, pastors, and dance instructors, have the tools to listen to what students say.