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Each fa2018-04-17_5Y1A2719a [i] Monarchll millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico to a scattering of locations. The Eastern Migration starts in March as butterflies travel from Mexico north to Texas and other southern states; over the next few months, the butteflies move north to colonize in the Northern US and Canada. In mid-August, the millions of Monarchs migrate south to spend their winters in high-elevation oyamel fir-forests in central Mexico. In recent years the migration of the Monarch butterfly appears to be in steady decline. This is due in part to several issues including:

  • Loss of milkweed needed for monarch caterpillars to grow and develop, due to habitat conversion and adverse land management.
  • Drought Conditions causing lower milkweed biomass and availability of milkweed in the late summer months.
  • Insecticides and herbicides used to control insects and weeds 
  • Habitat Loss


In order to encourage native landscape practices and help preserve our local landscape, an overall garden is planned to encourage native landscaping. Native plants are drought-tolerant, and naturally conserve our water resources, they do not need special pampering or fertilizing, and provide habitat and food for birds butterflies bees, and other wildlife. This plan and project work to satisfy the requirements of our Town’s MS4 stormwater permit and provides educational experiences for residents and school groups that are within the community. The Butterfly Garden and walking track are Phase 1 of the project. With the lack of available sidewalks within the town, the walking track will be .25 miles and will offer a place for those who wish to exercise safely while enjoying the native landscaping. The project has been planned to be completed in stages, paid for through fundraising efforts and other funding sources.  The Board was recently notified that a grant in the amount of $400 was received to help with the purchase of plants.   Want to help support the project?

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NAME THAT GARDEN! Contest 10/1/2021- 0/30/2021

Life Happens Here- Butterfly Garden

Town of Shady Shores is hosting a contest to name the new butterfly garden and create a logo. More information can be found in our Facebook Event Page:

 Butterfly garden