Shady Shores Road Repairs and Projects

Capital Improvements- Major Road Projects

Click here to see an interactive map of major road projects and a description of the planning phases.

Roads listed as Capital Improvements

  • Shahan Addition Road and Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Shady Lane at 6th Stree Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Fritz Lane Asphalt Roadway Repair - Construction Phase expected Mid July 2022
  • Shahan Lane Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • E. 6th Street Paving Improvements (Planning Phase)
  • Oberman Lane Paving and Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Eason Road Paving Improvements (Planning Phase)
  • Cielo Lane Paving Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Dobbs Road Reconstruction (Planning Phase) Final plans are expected Mid August
  • S. Shady Shore Bridge Repair (Area 1-Federal Portion) (Design Phase) 
    • Est. project start date March 2024
  • Cogburn Court Pavement Repair/Comanche (Construction Phase)
  • Lakeside Villas/Mcclintock Extention (Construction Phase)
  • S. Shady Shores Bridge Project (Area 2) Design Phase)
  • Lakeshore Bluffs (Design Phase)
  • Olives' Branch Drainage Improvements (Construction Phase- Set to begin August 1, 2022) 
  • Shady Shores Wash Out Repair -STARTED 2/22/2022, expected through March 2022 COMPLETED 4/7/2022. 

Additional Projects 

  • Fritz Lane and Olive's Branch Triangle
  • Fritz Lane Culvert Repair- Construction Phase
    • On or Before July 15, 2022
      • Removal and replacement of asphalt
      • Installation of new culvert
      • Removal of trees within Right of Way
      • Roadside ditch grading improvements
      • Slope protection
      • Other associated improvements as determined by the project.
  • Olive's Branch and West Shady Shores Rd. 
  • South Shady Shores at Oakwood
  • Cielo Lane Safety Improvements- waiting on the final survey for sight visibility. Waiting on fee proposal for roadway improvements (markings, signage etc) 
  • Brown Terrace-Keatings Kove- monuments scheduled for installation. Conceptual phase for roadway improvements
  • Street Lighting Project (Conceptual Phase)

Completed Projects

  • Lakeshore Rd- N. End of FEMA Repair North to Oberman Lane (PROJECT COMPLETE)

Updated 7/11/2022

Olives Branch Drainage Project
Fritz Lane Road Repair
Monuments in Brown Terrace (1)
404 Shady Lane
Copy of Cogburn Court and Comanche (Facebook Post)

Traffic Control Plan for Olive's Branch Drainage Repair Project

Traffic control for olives Branch

Traffic Control for Fritz Lane Project

traffic control for fritz