Shady Shores Road Repairs and Projects

Capital Improvements- Major Road Projects

Click here to see an interactive map of major road projects and a description of the planning phases.

Roads listed as Capital Improvements

  • Shahan Addition Road and Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Shady Lane at 6th Stree Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Fritz Lane Asphalt Roadway Repair - Construction Phase expected Mid July 2022
  • Shahan Lane Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • E. 6th Street Paving Improvements (Planning Phase)
  • Oberman Lane Paving and Drainage Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Eason Road Paving Improvements (Planning Phase)
  • Cielo Lane Paving Improvements (Design Phase)
  • Dobbs Road Reconstruction (Planning Phase) Final plans are expected Mid August
  • S. Shady Shore Bridge Repair (Area 1-Federal Portion) (Design Phase) 
    • Est. project start date March 2024
  • Cogburn Court Pavement Repair/Comanche (Construction Phase)
  • Lakeside Villas/Mcclintock Extention (Construction Phase)
  • S. Shady Shores Bridge Project (Area 2) Design Phase)
  • Lakeshore Bluffs (Design Phase)
  • Olives' Branch Drainage Improvements (Construction Phase- Set to begin August 1, 2022) 
  • Shady Shores Wash Out Repair -STARTED 2/22/2022, expected through March 2022 COMPLETED 4/7/2022. 

Additional Projects 

  • Fritz Lane and Olive's Branch Triangle
  • Fritz Lane Culvert Repair- Construction Phase
    • On or Before July 15, 2022
      • Removal and replacement of asphalt
      • Installation of new culvert
      • Removal of trees within Right of Way
      • Roadside ditch grading improvements
      • Slope protection
      • Other associated improvements as determined by the project.
  • Olive's Branch and West Shady Shores Rd. 
  • South Shady Shores at Oakwood
  • Cielo Lane Safety Improvements- waiting on the final survey for sight visibility. Waiting on fee proposal for roadway improvements (markings, signage etc) 
  • Brown Terrace-Keatings Kove- monuments scheduled for installation. Conceptual phase for roadway improvements
  • Street Lighting Project (Conceptual Phase)

Completed Projects

  • Lakeshore Rd- N. End of FEMA Repair North to Oberman Lane (PROJECT COMPLETE)

Updated 7/11/2022

Fritz Lane Road Repair

Traffic Control for Fritz Lane Project

traffic control for fritz

404 Shady Lane