Town of Shady Shores Fee Schedule 

2022 Fee Schedule; Effective 9/1/2022

Item Method of Calculation Fee Min. Fee
Site Plans and Platting       
Pre-Development Conference Flat Fee $545 per hour $545
Preliminary, Final Plat or Replat Flat Fee $1000  
Site and Landscape Plan Review Base Fee $1500 + $50 per lot  
Engineering Review Fees, Third and Subsequent Reviews % of Actual Cost 120% $500
Infrastructure Inspection Fees % of Actual Cost 4%  
Zoning Change Base Fee $600 $600
  Per Acre $50 $50
  Maximum 3000 $3000
Variance Application Flat Fee $500  
Publication Cost %+Actual Actual Cost +15%  
Driveway Culvert Analysis Flat Fee $200  
Engineer Site Visit Flat Fee $550.00  
Attorney Fees Actual Cost +10%    
Residential Permit Type Method of Calculation Fee  Min
New Residence Price per square foot + Required Inspections $2.00 $1000
Plan Review Flat Fee $50  
Engineer Review Flat Fee $200  
Erosion Control, Porta Privy, Trash Bin, T-pole, Piers Flat Fee $125  
Plumbing Rough (water test) & Form Board Survey Flat Fee $125

Foundation Flat Fee $95  
Seconds Inspections Flat Fee $400  
Flatwork Approach Flat Fee $50 As part of new home construction
Meter Releases Flat Fee $50  
a. Building Final Flat Fee $50  
b. Mechanical Final Flat Fee $50  
c. Plumbing Final Flat Fee $50  
d. Electrical Final Flat Fee $50  
Certificate of Occupancy Flat Fee $250  
Accessory Structure (add plan review & inspections as listed above Square Footage + Required Inspections $1.50/sq. ft.+inspections $200
Outdoor Patio/Living Structure no utilities Flat Fee $210  
Outdoor Patio/Living Structure with utilities Flat Fee $330  
Approach/Flatwork Flat Fee $155  
Culvert Permit Flat Fee $300  
Foundation Repair Flat Fee $200  
Demo/Removal Permti Flat Fee $150  
Mechanical Permit (HVAC) Flat Fee $300  
Sheathing Inspection Flat Fee $50  
Mechanical Permit (Electrical Permit, Plumbing)  Flat Fee $150  
Roof Permit Flat Fee $150  
Red-Tag Fee Flat Fee $100  
Fence Permit (per 300 Linear feet) Flat Fee $150  
Expired Permit, Re-Issue Flat Fee Underlying Permit Fee +05%  
Irrigation Permit Flat Fee $250 Includes backflow inspection
Retaining Wall over 4' Flat Fee $300  
In Ground Swimming Pool Flat Fee $900  
Above Ground Swimming Pool Flat Fee $200  
Temporary Storage Unit      
1st 3 months   $100  
Additional 3 months   $300  
Solar Permit Flat Fee $300  
Spa Permit Flat Fee $200  
Decking Flat Fee $150  
Unpermitted Work Fee Flat Fee 2 x permit  
Denied Plan Review Flat Fee $150  
Window Inpsection Flat Fee $50  
Energy Permit Flat Fee $45 Energy Letter
Hot Water Heater Permit Flat Fee $150  
Temporary Storage Unit      
  1st 3 Months $100  
  Additional 3 Months $300  
Moving Permit (Structures) Flat Fee $350  
Misc Inspection Flat Fee $50  
Septic Systems      
Septic (new or replacement system) Flat Fee $560 Includes Admin Fees
Septic Repair (additional lateral lines) Flat Fee $275  
Septic Inspection/Administrative Fee   $350  
Substantiated Complaint Flat Fee $150  
Miscellaneous Fee      
Peddlers Fee Flat Fe Per Person $35  
Health Inspections Flat Fee $125  
School Cafeteria   $125  
Professional Fees      
Driveway Culvert Analysis   $200  
Attorney Review   actual cost +10%  
Administrative Fee Flat Fee $250  
Administrative Charge *abatements Actual Cost + $250 $250  
Public Information Requests (as outlined in Government Code)       
Alarm Permits (reserved for future use)      
Event Permits (reserved for future use)      
Return Check Charge /ACH Flat Fee $35  
Document Filings   Actual Cost + $35  
Town Hall Reservation $100.00 resident
$300 non resident

$100 (deposit)  
Solid Waste Fees   Information Page  
Deposit refundable after 1 year $50  
Penalty Late Fee   $15  
Regular Solid Waste and Recycling   $64.74w/tax  
Senior Solid Waste and Recycling   $60.23  
Additional Cart   $8.00/month  
Replacement Cost Lost or Stolen Carts   $77.00  
Credit Card Processing Fee % 3.5%  
Short Term Rental Flat Fee $1500  

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