Permits and Inspections

Building Permit Process

The Development Department administers the building permit process. This is a fundamental process for ensuring the protection of life and property. The permit process begins with the submission of construction documents reviewed to comply with applicable building codes and standards. Approved projects are issued a building permit allowing construction to begin. The division also conducts field inspections to monitor compliance. 

When is a Permit Required?

Accessory Structures- This page will help determine which category a specific structure falls under. 

Carports and Garages-   information specific to Type 2 Structures

Fencing - New or if replacing more than 25%

Flatwork / Culvert / Driveway

Hot Water Heater- New or Replacing

Health Inspections

On-Site Sewage Facility

Patio Covers and Outdoor Kitchens

Residential Structures or Dwellings



Water Well

Other Applications- Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Generators, Rental Storage Units, Solar Panels, and more that do not fit into the traditional categories above. 

Please contact the Permits and Inspections Division at 940-498-0044 ext to verify if you need a permit. 110

Permit Approval

All permits must be approved and paid for before any work can begin. Projects that are started prior to approval may be subject to additional fines. Permit cost will be determined by the current Fee Schedule. Work authorized under the Town of Shady Shores Development Department shall be completed within 180 days of the permit being issued. 

International Building Code Compliance

The Town of Shady Shores adopted the:

*  2021 International Building Code (ICC), which includes the mechanical, plumbing, and fire codes. 

* 2021 International Residential Code.

* 2021 International Fire Code

* 2020 National Electric Code (NEC). 

* 2021 International Plumbing Code

* 2021  International Mechanical Code

* 2021 International Energy Code

* 2021 International Property Maintenance

* 2021 International Fuel and Gas Code

* 2021 Pool and Spa Code

All adopted ICC codes are available to view online on the International Code Council website.

Ordinance 335-07-2020