Solar Panel Permits

The installation of solar panels requires a permit.   Contractors will be required to provide all documentation, including schematics and plans, as well as location of the panels on the property. All engineered plans must be designed in accordance with the Town of Shady Shores’ current adopted codes.

Submittal Requirements:

  1. Permit Application
  2. HOA Approval (if applicable)
  3. Detailed plans, shown on plot plan or site plan
  4. Full Details and Manufactured Specifications

Plan Submittal: Plans will be submitted electronically online.


Inspections Required:

Plan Review

Final Electrical Inspection

Inspection Requests:   Inspections will be requested online by filling out the Inspection Request form.  


Cost: The base permit price for this type of project is listed on the fee schedule. At a minimum, the project will require the above-listed inspections. Additional inspections will be subject to an increase in fees