Citation Options

If you have received a citation in Shady Shores, Texas please review your options below:




A. BY MAIL – Mail a copy of the ticket along with your check or money order (made payable to the "Town of Shady Shores") for full payment to: Shady Shores Municipal Court, 101 S. Shady Shores Road, Shady Shores, TX 76208. Payment must be received on or before your appearance date.

B. IN PERSON at the court office. We accept cash, checks and money orders. Credit/Debit are also accepted with a 3% processing fee added to the payment.

C. Night Drop Box - DO NOT put cash in the night drop box. Please pay with cash IN PERSON at the court office.

D. ONLINE - You may click HERE to pay your citation online. If you pay online, you are waiving your right to a trial and a plea of No Contest with a disposition of Guilty will be entered on your case.  

*** It may take up to 10 business days to process your citation and be available in the system****


A. Your citation will be placed on the first available Court Docket that occurs at least 20 days after the offense date if you do not make prior arrangements. A notice to appear with the date and time of your plea hearing will be mailed to the address on your citation.

B. THROUGH AN ATTORNEY-You have the right to retain your own attorney at your expense.


Payment alternatives may be available to you. All payment alternatives must be approved by the judge. Proof of income and expenses is required.

A. Payment Plan : If you are unable to pay the fine amount, bring proof of income and expenses with you to court.

B. Community Service: If you are unable to pay and would like to request Community Service, please bring proof of income and expenses to court.

C. Jail Credit: If you have been incarcerated, you may request credit for time served. To request credit for time served, you must provide proof of incarceration from a jail or prison that includes the dates you were incarcerated. You must also enter a plea for each offense before the judge will consider your request. .

****If you have extenuating circumstances that limit your ability to pay or perform community service, you may appear before the judge to discuss other options that may be available to you. ****


You may be eligible to attend a driving safety course or a motorcycle safety course (if you were operating a motorcycle at the time of the citation) for dismissal of your ticket. You can only take a driving safety course for ONE violation.

You are eligible for a Driving Safety Course if:

1) You possess a Texas Drivers License;

2) You have not completed a Driving Safety Course for ticket dismissal in the previous 12 months (calculated from

date of previous completion date to the violation date of your current citation);

3) You have current proof of insurance showing you as a covered driver;

4) Violation was not in a construction/work zone with workers present;

5) Your citation was for a moving violation.

6) Speeding violations must be less than 25mph over the speed limit.

7) You do not have a commercial driver's license or permit.

If you are eligible, you may sign up for a Driving Safety Course by sending the following items to the Court:

1) Required fee is $144.00 or $169.00 for School Zone Violations

2) A copy of your valid Texas Driver's license (DL).

3) A copy of your valid insurance.

*If you would like to choose the Driving Safety Course option, contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 940-498-0048 to obtain the required paper work.



You are eligible for Deferred Disposition if:

1) You did not possess a Commercial Drivers License at the time of the offense.

2) You have not participated in any Deferred Disposition program during the past one year (calculated from date of previous dismissal to the date of your current citation) in this Court.

3) You are not currently participating in a Deferred Disposition in any other Court.

4) Your violation was not in a construction /work zone with workers present.

You may not be eligible for Deferred Disposition for violations of Speeding over 25 MPH or more over the limit.

If you are 24 or younger you will be required to complete a Driver's Safety Course as a condition of your deferral.

If you are eligible, you may sign up for Deferred Disposition by sending the following items to the Court or appearing at the Court on or before your appearance date:

1) Required fee – the fine amount for your offense plus a $50.00 Special Expense Fee.

2) Completed Deferred Disposition Request form.

3) A photo copy of your valid driver's license.

*If you would like to choose the Deferred Disposition option, contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 940-498-0048 to obtain the paper work.


Juveniles MUST APPEAR IN PERSON WITH A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN for a court hearing. A hearing date will be scheduled and a notice will be mailed to the address on the front of your citation. A court hearing is also required to request Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition.


Pursuant to HB 2319(h): You and your parent have a legal obligation to provide the Court in writing with your current address and residence. The obligation does not end when you reach the age of 17. On or before the seventh day after the date you or your parent changes residence, you or your parent shall notify the Court of the current address by completing a "Juvenile Change of Address" form. A violation of this requirement may result in arrest and is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by fine up to $500.00. The obligation terminates only on full discharge and satisfaction of the judgment.



"A conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this state or a political subdivision of this state may result in the assessment on your driver's license of a surcharge under the Driver Responsibility Program."

Chapter 708 of the Transportation Code establishes a Driver's Responsibility System. The system is based on points related to traffic convictions. Moving traffic violations will be assessed two points. Each year DPS will assess a surcharge on the license of a person who has accumulated six or more points during the preceding 36 month period. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) must collect the surcharge and may use automatic license suspension to collect. A No Insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility) conviction earns the driver a surcharge of $250.00 per year. A No Driver's License conviction results in a surcharge of $100.00. These surcharges will last three years. If you have questions about the driver's responsibility system contact the DPS.