Inspire Us With Your Greenthumb- a virtual tour of Shady Shores.

We asked everyone to submit pictures of how they are inspired to keep Shady Shores Beautiful. Take a virtual stroll through town and see how we are working together to beautify Shady Shores. 

If you feel we missed your submission, please email, and we will happily add your photos to our presentation. 

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We are currently looking for a Junior Member and an Alternate Junior Member. 

2023 SILVER STAR AFFILIATEKTB_logo_4c_process-(vertical).jpg

Keep Shady Shores Beautiful (KSSB) is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful, a network of dedicated Texans working together to make our state the best place to live, work and play. KSSB committee members work to recommend, plan and carry out programs that address beautification, litter prevention, and recycling in the community. The Committee hosts two (2) major clean-up events a year and other programs as needed.

 Committee Members


Amy Whiting Chairman/Place 4
Maddy HaneyJr. Member
Bill KruegerPlace 2
Michele BeacomPlace 3
Juan Hernandez HerreraAlternate
Karen ThomasPlace 1
Andrea DixonPlace 5
Whit DeitrichAlternate
OpenJr Member 
OpenJr Member Alternate
OpenJr Member Alternate



Click here to fill out an application for Keep Shady Shores Beautiful.

Butterfly Garden and Walking Path

Did you know that Shady Shores is part of the Monarch Butterfly Flight Path? Unable to survive winters in the US. Monarch's survive on milkweed which is not available during the winter months. Each fall monarch butterflies head south where they hibernate for about 6 months and then the process starts all over again.  One of the few insects and pollinators that migrate to a warmer climate, that journey is threatened by the loss of a food source.   In 2016 Mayor Aughinbaugh issued a proclamation urging Shady Shores residents to help support the Monarch Butterfly by planting native milkweed and nectar plants.

To follow the progress of the Butterfly Garden visit the Butterfly Garden Page. You can help raise funds for the garden in the following ways:

Purchase a Memorial Brick
Make a Monetary Donation (Tax Free)
Volunteer to Help!

Native Plant Resources