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TRASH AND RECYCLING Account UPDATES for new billing software

  1. Lakeside community (2)
  2. Town of Shady Shores

    Solid Waste Contract

    940-498-0044 x120

  3. Solid Waste Account Updates

  4. During the first quarter of 2024, the Town of Shady Shores will migrate all solid waste accounts to a new online billing portal. In order to prepare for the migration we are asking account holders to please complete this online form, or return a handwritten copy to Town Hall. 

    All current accounts will be migrated on the primary contacts' behalf. Primary account holders will need to log in with the email address given. 

    Account numbers will remain the same. 

    Instructions for the new portal may be found here :

  5. Solid Waste Billing Accounts will be associated with this email address. 

    This email address will act as your login and account verification. 

  6. A secondary contact must be listed for them to access an account. 

  7. By clicking the boxes you acknowledge understanding of the following guidelines of solid waste service:
  8. Trash and Recycling is picked up each Wednesday and may be re-scheduled due to inclement weather and holidays. Please contact Town Hall for updates.*
  9. You may place an additional 5 cubic yards of bulk waste outside of the cart and unlimited amounts of bundled items such as tree limbs.*
  10. Trash and Recycling should be out by 7:00 am. Your trash must be secured/contained in plastic bags and in the cart with the lid closed.*
  11. Republic and the Town of Shady Shores are NOT responsible for personal items such as (but not limited to) wagons, carts, bikes, or personal trash bins left near collection area.*
  12. I agree to make a quarterly payment(s)*

    Payments are due: 

    December 15 (Service months January, February, March)

    March 15 (Service months April, May, June)

    June 15 (July, August, September)

    September 15 (October, November, December) 

  13. Late Fee*

    If an invoice is not paid on or before the due date a late fee will be assessed. 

  14. I am eligible for Senior Discount
    A senior discount is given to residents aged 65 and over.
  15. Yearly Payment

    I am interested in making ONE TIME yearly payment to keep my account current. I understand the first year payment may be prorated and then I will be charged for a full year on the expiration date. 

    By clicking this box, our Solid Waste Account Representative will contact you with further details and information 

  16. Connection Fee*

    New account and Re-Connection of account fee of $25 will be applied

  17. Deposit Fee*

    A deposit of $50 will be required for all new and reconnect services. 

  18. I prefer paper mailed billing

    All accounts will automatically be enrolled in email billing unless checked yes.

  19. Cart Delivery*
  20. Each account will receive one solid waste cart and one recycle cart. Additional carts are available for an additional monthly fee. 

  21. I would like to receive e-news from the Town of Shady Shores
    You must accept the subscription email when received in order to receive the eblast notifications. The Town of Shady Shores will not release your private information to a third party. This service is used to transmit public service information only.
  22. I understand that I will need to create an online portal account. *

    UNLESS you have chosen to receive paper billing, account holders will be required to log in to an online portal account to manage, submit payment, and review solid waste account information. 

  23. Agreement
    I understand that payments are due thirty (30) days before the beginning of each quarter. If payment is not received within fifteen (15) days of the due date, a late fee will be assessed. If payment is not received within ten (10) days of the 2nd Notice, the town has the option to turn unpaid accounts over to a collection agency, issue a citation for ordinance violation, and/or terminate collection services. The Town may elect any or all options at its sole discretion. Shady Shores Ordinance 292-05-2016 requires that all residents maintain an account for solid waste and recycling. Failure to comply with this ordinance may result in the issuance of a fine in the municipal court.
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