Cindy Aughinbaugh

Town Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 940-498-0044
2019-05-13_8482 [ss1] Cindy A

Mayor Cindy Aughinbaugh has been serving the Town of Shady Shores since 2010 when she began serving on the Town Council as both a councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem.  Mrs. Aughinbaugh was appointed Mayor in 2015.  Cindy grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma and went to Oklahoma State.  Cindy and her husband Steve have lived in Shady Shores since 2008.  Recently Mayor Aughinbaugh retired from TI where she worked in Software and Management.  Mayor Aughinbaugh is an avid volunteer and recently worked with Denton County officials and other volunteers to assist in administering Covid-19 Vaccines.


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